Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 58

Well, since my photo didn't turn out, I had to borrow this one.

Today I said good-bye to an old friend, the local watering hole, The Rhythm House in Bridgeville, PA. I spent a lot of time listening to live music there-everyone from Donora (actually I think I also Jake when he was with Eye C Snakes), Dancing Queen, and of course, Velveeta. Velveeta was always a good show, albeit a little cheesy. :)

I will also always remember the times Jason and I decided to go out to dinner on a random nice evening during the week where we could sit out on the deck or the times we would all huddle on the deck and listen to music because it was smokey inside (the smoking ban took care of that in recent years).

Good-bye, old friend! GetGo will never replace you!

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